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The Fold Order 

Your Haven of Home Organization

Welcome to The Fold Order, where our passion for organisation and commitment to exceptional service converge. We understand the challenges faced by busy families to keep up with the never-ending laundry pile. That's where we come in.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

Are you tired of spending hours sorting and folding laundry? Does the mere thought of tackling your overflowing wardrobe or linen cupboard overwhelm you? 

Take a look at how our services can help you.

Laundry Folding

Let us take care of the daunting task of laundry folding. We offer flexible pricing options to accommodate small, medium, or large baskets. We'll fold & stack your garments, ensuring each item is ready to be put away.


Are your draws or linen cupboard in need of a spruce up? Using our skills, we will transform these spaces. Choose from our pricing options, and let us create an organised haven where everything has its place.


For your convenience, we also offer an optional service to put away your folded clothes. Just let us know your preference, and we'll handle the rest.

Experience the Joy of Simplified Living

Imagine coming home to an empty laundry basket and opening your drawers to find perfectly folded clothes, or effortlessly locating your favorite outfit in a meticulously organized wardrobe. The Fold Order is here to make that a reality. We take pride in our warm and inviting approach, catering to the needs of busy families who crave a sense of order and balance in their lives.

How it Works

For us to provide our exceptional services, please ensure that your clothing and linen are washed and dried prior to our arrival. This allows us to focus solely on the folding and organizing process, ensuring the best results for you. We kindly request that you include this condition in the contract to be approved before we commence any work.

We are passionate about transforming your home into an oasis of organisation. 

Let us bring harmony and simplicity to your daily routine. Contact us today to view our pricing options and to book our services and experience the joy of impeccably organised linen!